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Handyman Dagenham

Handyman Dagenham specialises in home maintenance services. It is because we are a highly qualified, decades of experience professional handyman always near you that saves you time and money.

Dagenham mobile services are insured and arrive on time consistently. Mobile teams are working fast and smoothly after us. In all handy jobs and property maintenance services, we serve local communities. Your local practitioner is here to support you in all odds jobs that are waiting for a professional handyman. Contact us. We’re efficient and quick.

From simple repairs to big renovation, carpentry, and electric and storage problems, we can perform everything that you don’t want to waste your time on. Contact our helpful team to discuss your requirements, or simply plan online for one of our craftsmen.

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Handyman Dagenham

Handyman Dagenham Services

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom Fitting

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Carpet Cleaning

Electrical service

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Furniture Assembly

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Kitchen Installation

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Tree Cutting

Full List of services

• Change sink taps
• Fix water leaks
• Replace ball valves
• Install washing machines & Dryers
• Fit an outside tap
• Replace light switches
• Replace sockets
• Fit a door bell
• Install smoke detectors
• Install Burglar Alarms
• Install security lights
• Tiling
• Plastering
• Repair wall cracks
• Replace tile grout
• Reseal Kitchens, showers and bathrooms

• Fit new kitchen doors
• Install Shelves
• Assemble flat pack furniture
• Erect a shed
• Power washing
• Repairs to gates and fencing
• Landlord property maintenance
• Commercial property maintenance
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Roofing
• Kitchen Fitting
• Bathroom Fitting
• Decorating
• Laminate Wood Floors

• Re-Seal Baths and Showers
• Toilet repair
• Waste Disposals
• Install Sockets and Lights
• Rental Property Maintenance
• Repairs
• Painting
• Gardens
• Bathrooms
• Kitchens
• Wood Floors
• Doors
• Locks
• Storage Solutions
• Dyson Vacuum Repairs

• Bath Screens
• Blind Fitting
• LCD Tv’s
• Hang Pictures/Mirrors
• TV & Audio Installation
• Wall mount TV
• General Maintenance
• Wall & Floor tiling
• Replacing guttering, fascias and soffits
• Replacing roof tiles / cement
• Installing / replace smoke detectors
• Boarding out lofts and installing loft ladders
• Hanging pictures and mirrors
• Fitting extractor fans
• Install / replace ceiling fans

Handyman Dagenham

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Monday - Sunday 24/7


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handyman Dagenham
Handyman Dagenham
Handyman Dagenham

Your Local Handyman

We receive many calling from customers who are looking for a handyman to know what jobs we can perform, if a particular item can be fixed, or if a particular project can be completed. 

So, we decided that we would put up a list of work for customers across the county to show that Dagenham Handyman is versatile and adaptive:
Interior and outdoor window frames, glass panels and double glazed units have been fixed, filled and painted. Before it was coated and shiny, skirting boards, laminated floors, door squares and doors were placed along with door buttons and locks. We worked outdoors to clear, clean up gardens and yards, trim hedges and brooks, wash power roads and passageways, crease closed doors and woodwork, such as sheds or garages. We worked outside.

Within the residences, our kitchens and cabinets have
been renovated; complete kitchens have been renovated, new cabinets installed and doors simply changed. Our manufacturers in Dagenham have also installed
linoleum, carved floors and walls, taps and hoods. Although we are not professional artists and decorators, wallpapers, sander, and woodwork.
preparation can be removed and the walls emulsified and woodwork glossed. Some individuals prefer this, as it is often less expensive to get the same outcomes than employing a professional decorator. Dagenham Handyman will be happy to provide a recommendation if you need sophisticated finishes or wallpaper

We removed antique bath suites, tiled bathrooms and towels, mirrors and more mirrors in Dagenham. We placed towels. We have equipped bathrooms and furnishings for self-contamination such as closets, closets, desks, drawers, mattresses and TV stands, and a number of plasma and LCD TVs in the wall and in the chimney. In Dagenham, our handyman services are likewise more larger and include significantly more home repairs and repairs. If you have to do a repair job, but aren’t sure we can help, phone us and we’ll tell you.


Benefits of Hiring a Handyman in Your Workplace

Having a handyman on call to conduct odd jobs and
maintenance duties at your workplace can benefit your company in a variety of
ways. The problem is that you may not realize the full range of these
advantages until catastrophe strikes and you desperately require handyman


Business owners should hire a commercial handyman
before an issue comes up, and with our services, you only pay for the time you
require. This gives you the added security of knowing you’re covered for any
eventuality without having to pay for them all. 



Here are 10 reasons why it makes sense to install a standby handyman in your workplace


1. Flexibility


Our handymen are all-in-one maintenance men who can tackle quite much any problem you throw at them, whether it’s putting together furniture or repainting a room, connecting more wall plugs or evaluating the safety and functionality of appliances. Finding individual contractors to address the various demands of a busy office saves a lot of time and effort (not to mention money!).


 2. Productivity

The last thing you want to be concerned about when you’re running a thriving company is damaged office furniture or malfunctioning overhead lighting. When you assign these minor but vital activities to a single individual, you can rest assured that they will be completed on time and to a high standard, leaving you and your staff to focus on more important responsibilities.


3. Picture

Visitors to your office may have a negative impression of the type of ship you’re operating due to peeling paint and leaking taps. Similarly, a shabby office appearance might rub off on your employees, making them subconsciously care less about their work and, as a result, lowering productivity. You may avoid such unpleasant outcomes if you have a handyman on hand to keep the office looking spick and span.


4. Cost-efficient

When compared to hiring separate electricians, plumbers, and other contractors, having a single person handle all of the outstanding maintenance jobs at once will save a significant amount of money. Furthermore, by just paying for the services that you truly require, you will save a lot of money over the long run.


5. Care before maintenance

There’s less danger of something failing or going wrong if you have someone on hand to keep all of the cogs in your business’ engine cleaned and in excellent running condition. It is usually preferable to avoid a breakdown through routine maintenance rather than trying to remedy a problem after it has occurred. Furthermore, a skilled handyman may see possible problems early on and fix them before they become serious.


6. Optimal efficiency

Your business is designed to flourish when every light bulb in the office is glowing brightly and every computer is running at maximum capacity. Having a handyman on hand to ensure that every aspect of the business is performing at its best maximizes your company’s capabilities and increases your chances of achieving your objectives.


7. Legal protections


Consider the following scenario: you or one of your employees is doing a small repair on a workplace electrical item. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong with the wiring, resulting in a fire that has caused substantial damage to the structure and cost a lot of money. The legal consequences of such a circumstance might be excruciating; but, with a competent and certified handyman on your side, you can be assured that you’re covered in the eyes of the law.

Handyman Dagenham

125 844 4884

Monday - Sunday 24/7

set of tools for handyman on the white background


 8. Service is the key

When you hire a faceless company to do maintenance work around the office, you run the risk of your company being viewed as just another number in the ledger. You can always expect excellent customer service from an individual handyman, and you can build a long-term relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and professionalism.


9. Complete coverage

A busy office is a busy office, and competent handymen understand that there’s simply no time for managers or employees to take on activities that aren’t part of their regular job description, no matter how minor they are. Whether it’s hanging a picture or unclogging a blocked drain, your jack-of-all-trades is ready to help you dig yourself out of any hole, big or small.


10. Stability

Regional Services employs only fully qualified and experienced handymen, so you can be confident that all tasks will be completed to the highest professional standards. No more dealing with rogue contractors or botching your own home improvement projects! One of a handyman’s main selling factors is his trustworthiness.

Home Maintenance By Season

A seasonal home maintenance checklist will assist you in staying on top of the basic care that your property requires. You wouldn’t miss routine checks and oil changes on your car or truck, and you can’t afford to do so here.

If you let your home to fend for itself by not providing it with the care and attention it requires, it will eventually cost you money in repairs! A seasonal home maintenance checklist is a simple method to prevent all of that and ensure that your home is ready for whatever the seasons throw at it while also saving you time, money, and heartache.

It’s pretty simple. Every season presents its own set of challenges for any construction, including your house. You don’t have to complete everything at once, but there are a few simple maintenance tasks that are best completed during specific seasons. Of course, no matter what time of year it is, if you find something around your house that needs your aid, you should fix it. However, if you make it a habit to maintain your property on a regular basis, your home will thank you.

Look for any signs of damage caused by water that froze and cracked anything during the start of WINTER. Examine the paint, the roof, the deck, and the attic. This time of year, weather stripping and caulk might crack, and insects and rodents try to get inside to escape the cold. Look for symptoms in the crawl area, basement, and attic. Wasp nests should be looked for on your property, particularly in your attic. They should be inactive and easy to remove at this point. Make sure your gutters are clean.

SPRING is a good time to double-check that the winter weather didn’t sneak up on you and create damage you didn’t see. Check for cracking and peeling once more. Your HVAC (heating and cooling system) should be maintained, and the filters should be replaced. Also, replace the batteries in the smoke and CO detectors. Clean the screens and, if you took them off for the winter, replace them, checking the window seals along the way. Inside or out, inspect and repair any caulk or sealer that has to be replaced. Clean out your gutters.

THE SUMMER IS THE BEST TIME TO BE OUTSIDE. This entails a walk-around inspection. Check for signs of cracked cement in the driveway and walkways, as well as loose or missing shingles on the roof and any damage to the fencing. Check to see if the ground near your foundation has any subsidence (sinking) and make sure your dryer and other vents are clean. Examine the window trim, siding, and door frames with care. Look for cracks in the brickwork or cement work. Clean out your gutters.

Check your plumbing, heaters, and any gas appliance for leaks or venting issues in the FALL to get a head start on winter. Take a trip around the outside before it gets too cold and address anything that could collect water and freeze, causing splitting or breaking. Remove, clean, and store any window air conditioners you have. Check for fraying or unusual wear on any exposed wiring. Clean out your gutters.

Make your rounds at the beginning of each season on a weekend. You can assist to safeguard the beauty and equity of your house by following your home maintenance checklist. The keys to a safe and happy house are maintenance and keeping things tidy!


Home Sweet Home

 Many jobs around the house or at work are simply too little to pique the interest of expert tradespeople such as builders, plumbers, carpenters, and decorators. When asked to quote for these lesser works, they frequently decline, price too much, or, increasingly frequently, simply fail to show up. As a result, many property owners or businesses have a plethora of tiny, irritating activities that need to be completed but are rarely completed.

Handyman Services in Dagenham was founded with the goal of offering a high-quality, courteous, professional, and reliable handyman service to take care of many of those small projects around the house. We operate in are of Dagenham.

Handyman Dagenham
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